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Gasoline special 8,940 Kip
Gasoline 7,820 Kip
Diesel 6,450 Kip
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Through the 30 years of its existence and experiences, LSFC has successfully expanded and developed its economic infrastructure for maintaining stability of fuel supply for national socio-economic development and environmental preservation, Now LSFC have seven branch and one province representative in every major provinces, fuel depots and warehouse with a Total capacity 22.5 million liters, laboratory and 265 gas service station across the country, in addition, LSFS has also additional business unit namely a modern transport fleet, steel tank welding factory/ construction unit, jet fuel service and cooking gas service center.

LSFC has been a reliable fuel supplier and distributor to many large construction projects, operating by local and foreign investors, instance for the past year LSFC used to supply fuel for the Hydropower projects-Huayho owned by  DAEWOO corporation, road construction No.9 project constructed by OBAYASHI and HAZAMA corporation, and others, At present, LSFC is supplying fuel to three large projects namely Gold/ copper mine project located in savannakhet province, Nam Ngum II hydropower project located in Vientiane province, Xekhaman III hydropower project location in sekong province, and Xekhaman I hydropower project located in ATTapeu province.




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